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 Installation    We use all industry standard components.

                                  We employ experienced solar installers

​​    We offer consulting and training to other contractors. Our services are flexible depending

      on the need.

      We can provide anything from site evaluation to delivering permit package and components       to the job site.

​      We offer consulting and training to home owners who want to learn and install their own


 Inspection              We provide inspections for Real Estate transactions.

                                                                              for financing companies.

                                                                              for insurance companies.

                                                                              for home owners who wants to know the health of their system.

​ Engineering         Here is where the rubber meets the road. We engineer every aspect of the system specific to its site.

                                      From selecting the components such as modules, inverters, railing system, to determining Ampacity and                                                   Voltage drop for every conductor.

                                      We evaluate your current energy usage and consider your future consumption such as adding an electric car,                                           Pool, SPA, etc. and come up with a system size that fits your needs the best.

                                      We evaluate your current service provided by PG&E and determine what size system can be added and if not                                           what has to change.

​ Design    We design the system to fit your situation.

                       There is no cookie cutter design to slap on any surface.

                       We make sure you know what it will look like before getting too far into

                       the project.

                       Based on your space availability and solar exposure we recommend and

                       design a system that will produce the most power for you relative to the

                       size of the system.


 Grid Tied with String Inverters & DC Optimizers - Starts with DC on the roof and converts to AC at the Inverter at  ground level. Usually mounted inside the  garage  or on the outside wall. Also applies to Ground  Mount System. We can add Energy Storage Systems such as Tesla Powerwall and other suppliers products for self consumption.

 Grid Tied with Micro-Inverters or AC Modules - It is converted from DC to AC on the roof. Also  applies to Ground Mount System. We can add Enphase AC Batteries for Energy Storage and Self Consumption.

 Hybrids - Grid Tied with String Inverters that has battery back up or generator or both. This  system can generate while the Grid is out.

Off Grids - A system that is totally autonomous and has battery back up or generator or both.


System Types